Working in the Bed and Breakfast for a long time, we have become accustomed to many similar questions that our visitors tend to ask us. Here we have collected all these elements in a list, for everyone’s convenience!
Is Wi-Fi available?

The property has a Wi-Fi line available to guests. Upon arrival in the room you will find the password to access. The service is free.

Check-in hours

Check-in is from 15.00 to 19.00. Arrivals outside these hours must be agreed in advance, a self check-in service is provided to allow you to enter the property at any time.
In the morning it is possible to check-in until 12.00, for those wishing to place their luggage in the property and then take possession of the room later.

We ensure the delivery of the rooms is guaranteed by 15.00

Check-out hours

Check-out is scheduled at 10.30. Late Check-out is available for 2.00 pm. It is a paid service

Reservation and deposit

To book your stay you need to provide a credit card as a guarantee. The card can be verified with a pre authorization.

Otherwise a transfer of 50% of the total.

The balance can be remotely charged on the day of arrival or paid on arrival.

We accept cash, wire transfers, ATMs and major credit cards.

How does self check-in work?

For those who choose to self check-in, this is the procedure:

We send a link and a code on (to choose between whatsapp, e-mail or sms). Make sure you have a charged phone with an internet connection. The link works only in front of the door, click on the link, a keypad opens where you must put the code sent.
To get to the room we send photos of the route.
When you enter the door, there will be combination boxes in the letter box for taking the keys.

The lift starts by inserting the smaller key, you must not press buttons inside but only turn the key.
Close all doors securely when entering and exiting the elevator.

Photos or document data are required before entering in the property.

Can i bring my pet?

Animals are not admitted.

Booking cancellation
No penalty for cancellations reported at 3 days before the arrival date.

In case of cancellation outside of the established terms, 100% of the stay will be retained.

In this emergency period, for those who book directly from our site, the cancellation deadline is reduced to 1 day.

How is breakfast?
Breakfast is an additional service at B&B 52cento. It is prepared express every day. In our breakfast you will find the spirit of the B&B 52cento, which every day tries to amaze you and give you a good awakening. We have a sweet and savory proposal and we pay attention to local products and to those who have food needs such as vegans, gluten and lactose intolerant. If you have a food requirement of this type, we ask you to notify us a few days before, in order to organize ourselves in order to meet your needs.

The breakfast price is € 5 per person.

For families, children up to 6 years do not pay breakfast supplement.

In this period of emergency, we pay close attention to safety and offer breakfast in the box! We have temporarily eliminated the buffet (not allowed by law) and we provide a box with breakfast products. There are 3 boxes and it is possible to choose between sweet, savory and the standard with exclusively packaged products. The sweet and salty boxes will also contain freshly cooked or fresh products. Breakfast can be taken in the room or in the breakfast room, the tables are at a safe distance. In addition, the boxes can also be worn outdoors.

When can I access the panoramic terrace?
A panoramic terrace is available to enjoy the view that opens onto the historic city center. We offer you exclusively one of the most wonderful views of the city. Access to the terrace is always open and you can enjoy the sunrise and sunset lights, perhaps reading a book, photographing the beautiful panorama or sipping a local wine, which you can buy directly from us.
What are the closest car parks?
For parking, the closest is the Fanfani Parking at 100m. It’s free on Sunday all day and for national holidays and other days from 20.30 to 8.00 and then costs € 1.50 per hour. Except for the first Sunday of the month which is paid. Parking is uncovered, not bookable. Address: access from via Porta Buia

The cheapest is the Baldaccio at 650m. It’s free until October 31, 2020. From November 1, 2020 it will be free on Sunday all day (except the first Sunday of the month) and for national holidays and other days it costs € 3 day. The parking is covered, not bookable. Address: access from via Baldaccio d’Anghiari

The closest covered and supervised garage is the Eritrea Garage (100 m), it costs € 15 per day and closes at 9.00 pm. Reservation recommended, access from via Eritrea

If I arrive by train, how can I reach B&B 52cento?
For those arriving by train, the B&B 52cento is very easy to reach. The station is only 200 meters away. Once you exit the station towards the center, just go straight ahead in the street opposite (via Guido Monaco) until you reach the square. Without entering the square, go left until the corner with via Petrarca. We are in the building that forms the corner at number n. 9.

Is it possible to leave luggage?

In the property you can leave your luggage both in and out. By 12.00 or after 15.00 incoming.

For those who are leaving there are no time obligations to pick up the luggage.

How much do you pay tourist tax?

The tourist tax is € 1.50 per person per night for a maximum of 4 consecutive nights.

Children under the age of 12 and residents in the municipality of Arezzo are exempt.

Is it an accessible structure?

For who need only a wheelchair, the B&B 52cento is not an accessible structure.

For those with a folding wheelchair and able to stay in the lift with crutches, the B&B 52cento is an accessible structure.

Unfortunately, the lift is very small and a wheelchair cannot enter except by folding it.

Can I smoke?

You can only smoke on the terrace.

It is not possible to smoke in the room or in the common areas, not even electronic cigarettes

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